When the basement begins to leak it's time for major repair and restoration work by professionals.

Basement Flood Cleanup & Restoration

Basement flooding is not something you should take lightly. Aside from the obvious damage a flooded basement can do to the contents of your home or business, water can also seep into the cracks of your foundation, compromising the structural integrity of your Billings property. If not addressed promptly, your flooded basement can leave irreversible damage that will affect your home or business for years to come. If you’re ever in need of basement flooding repair for your Billings property, don’t hesitate to call the flood restoration team at Newman Restoration and Cleaning.

Treating Flooded Basements in Billings

A wet basement is a health hazard because damp spaces create the perfect habitat for mildew and mold. Exposure to fungal spores can cause serious damage to your respiratory system. Make sure that if you’re attempting to clean up your flooded basement, you wear a protective mask blocking you from harmful gasses. Aside from mold, the most dangerous effects of basement flooding are the things you don’t notice right away, like pits or cracks in the walls, humid air, standing water on the carpet, etc. Most properties don’t have the proper tools to deal with these sorts of problems, that’s why you should call Newman Restoration and Cleaning in Billings to handle your basement flood cleanup.

Billings’ First Choice for Basement Water Removal

It’s never a bad idea to stay away from your flooded basement. Your Billings home or business may be subject to gas leaks, structural damage, electrical shock, and other problems after incurring flood damage. If you don’t want to put your own health at risk, stay out of your basement and give us a call immediately, we’ll handle your basement flooding repair process in a safe, efficient manner. While cleanup needs to be done as quickly as possible, it’s not worth putting your life in danger for.

How You Can Begin Flood Restoration for Your Billings Property

There are steps you can take to facilitate the basement flood cleanup process before a professional service arrives at your Billings property. Getting started on cleanup not only helps the basement water removal company, but it helps mitigate the risks of potential health hazards. Of course, you shouldn’t do anything that may put your life in danger – basement flood cleanup is not worth losing your life for.


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