• Strong and brave Firefighter Going Up The Stairs in Burning Building. Stairs Burn With Open Flames.
  • Close up of burning house.
  • Huge smoke clouds on sky background
  • Strong and brave Firefighter Going Up The Stairs in Burning Building. Stairs Burn With Open Flames.
  • Close up of burning house.
  • Huge smoke clouds on sky background

Fire & Smoke

Among the wide variety of services Newman Restoration and Cleaning provides, fire and smoke damage restoration are some of the more sensitive operations. A fire can be devastating to a property, causing last damages that go deeper than just lost belongings. In the unfortunate event you need a fire restoration company in Billings, put your trust in us. We'll treat your property as if it were our own and do everything in our power to return it to the state it was in before the fire.

Dependable Fire Restoration in Billings

After the firefighters have put out the flames and vacated your property, the fire damage restoration can commence. Not only can the fire leave long-lasting damage to your Billings property, but smoke odor can seep into personal belongings and walls, adding an undesirable smell to your personal space. Most property owners simply don't possess the tools to mitigate or eliminate the effects of fire and smoke damage, that is why calling a smoke damage restoration company is crucial. Our team of experts have specialized tools and knowledge to treat both smoke and fire damage.

Fire Damage Restoration Tips

So, you just put out a fire in your property and are waiting for a fire restoration company to arrive. What sort of things can you do in the meantime to get a jump start on the restoration process? These quick and easy tips may help speed up the recovery time.

  • Open all the windows in your Billings property to get some fresh air in the building. This will also help eliminate some of the residual smoke.
  • Do NOT try to wash any affected walls, furniture, carpet, or upholstery. The soot that has most likely seeped into your belongings can be harmful if messed with.
  • Get rid of any foods that have been previously opened or exposed to the smoke. Ingesting these foods can be harmful for your body.
  • Do NOT try plugging in any electrical devices as you don't know what damage the fire may have caused to your wiring. Contact an electrician first.

Residential & Commercial Services

house fire

Residential Fire Damage Restoration

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Warehouse building burning with intense flames and firemen attending

Commercial Fire Damage Restoration

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Burned Commercial Building

Residential or Commercial Restoration in Billings

Whether disaster strikes in your Billings home or office, make Newman your first choice. Our fire and smoke damage restoration company will handle everything from start to finish, taking care of your belongings as well as the building itself. There's no sense in trying to handle the issue yourself when you can put it in the hands of an experienced, passionate fire restoration company.


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